You can use this URL to download detailed chapters on resources and intents (made available free from previous editions due to space limitations). You will find at this URL notes on installing Android, working with AVDs, signing APK files, and more to get you started with Android. This URL shows how to run an Android application on a device from the eclipse ADT. This link also shows you how to hook up your device through a USB port to your development computer. This URL talks about key callback functions on an activity. Monitoring the activity callbacks is a good way to get a handle on the activity life cycle. You can copy the code from here to create a base activity that can monitor and log these callbacks for you. This URL talks about how you can use GSON and JSON for persistence needs of your application. This article suggests an easy way to persist data on the device for your apps. Android SDK roadmap to the documentation on resources. Android documentation of various types of resources available. A list of various configuration qualifiers provided by the latest Android SDK. Guidelines on how to design Android applications for multiple
screen sizes. Various Java methods available to read resources. Resources as defined to the core Android platform. Our research on plurals, string arrays, resource qualifiers, and alternate resources, as well as links to other references. Using drawable resources to control backgrounds. A beginner’s guide, yet a comprehensive introduction to Android applications through a NotePad example. Overview of intents, including well-known actions, extras, and so on. Lists the intents for a set of Google applications. Here, you will see here how to invoke Browser, Map, Dialer, and Google Street View. Talks about intent filters and is useful when you are registering intent filters for activities and other components in the manifest file. Goes into the resolution rules of intent filters. URL where you can download the sample code for a NotePad application. This is a good sample application that features a number of Android APIs. A good place to go after the calculator application. This is the primary link to browse through the various samples presented for the Android SDK by Google. This is the primary learning site from Google that presents a series of lessons to learn Android. A web effort to make various Android applications work together. A roadmap for learning Android. Although some of these points are covered here, see this URL for the latest guidance on learning and maximizing Android. This is a knowledge folder containing a series of articles and tidbits on programming with Android basic UI. The Android guide to styles and themes The Android Developer’s Guide page to fragments. Android design guidelines for multipane layouts. Android training page for fragments.

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Android Fundamental References

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