Some meteor packages necessary for most application.

Bootstrap CSS Framework: meteor add twbs:bootstrap

Bootstrap Modal:

meteor add twbs:bootstrap

meteor add peppelg:bootstrap-3-modal

Account Signin, Signup UI: meteor add accounts-base accounts-ui


Account Signin, Signup API: meteor add accounts-password

Routing: meteor add iron:router

Account Entry: meteor add selaias:accounts-entry

File Management with CollectionFS:

$ meteor add cfs:standard-packages

$ meteor add cfs:gridfs (Store in MongoDb)

# OR

$ meteor add cfs:filesystem

# OR

$ meteor add cfs:s3

# OR

$ meteor add cfs:dropbox

Collection2: meteor add aldeed:collection2

Autoform: meteor add aldeed:autoform

Foundation Framework: meteor add ewall:foundation

Account UI Bootstrap 3:

meteor remove accounts-ui

meteor add ian:accounts-ui-bootstrap-3

Get list user online: meteor add tmeasday:presence

Toastr Notify: meteor add chrismbeckett:toastr

Meteor Skeleton – Frontend HTML5 Framework: meteor add johnantoni:meteor-skeleton

User Roles: meteor add alanning:roles

Bootstrap3-Datetimepicker: meteor add tsega:bootstrap3-datetimepicker

Drop File Upload: meteor add raix:ui-dropped-event



Meteor Packages for most application

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